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lately, i've been in a really big funk. i'm also getting sick, so i'm hoping the two are related, and with a spring back to health, i'll also feel like being a person again.

so, to that effect, i'm issuing a blanket apology for anyone i've snubbed in the last week or so. really, i am sorry, and the second i feel better, i'll let you know.


one thing that i think is pretty standard of all bored, sick, socially inept people is the desire to test themselves with a slew of online quizzes to discover exactly what might be wrong with them. to that end, i give you the butch versus femme test. truly a pinnacle of modern online-testing technology, the 100-question quiz will rate you on a scale from extreme femme to extreme butch, with androgyne floating dead in its undifferentiated center. try it out.

and, if like me, your browser doesn't recognize the fancy-pants code they wrote to forward you to the results page, just scan down the page of text that comes up to a line that reads "the document has been moved" and copy everything that comes after href=" to "> and paste it into your address bar. that should work.

i scored "hard androgyne," though i think i would have been better suited to "gentle butch." take the test and then leave me a comment with what you got.


random disturbing fact of the day: on the warning label for a bottle of midol (you know, the menstruation relief pill?) there is a statement that reads, "do not use if you have trouble urinating due to an enlarged prostate gland."
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